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Precision Devices PD.124NR1

The PD.124NR1 is intended as a high power mid bass driver in multiway systems. The unit can also be used as a dedicated woofer in bass reflex and horn loaded designs. The optimised radial neodymium motor system allows more efficient management of the magnetic flux. Forced air venting and rear aluminium base plate keeps the motor temperature under control and reduces power compression to a minimum. The unit features a 4-inch, high temperature, CCAW voice coil capable of handling 800W (AES). The PD.154NR1 exhibits an average sensitivity of 97dB across its working band and will produce an SPL of 126.5 dB in an 45Ltr ported enclosure tuned to 60Hz.

Nominal Diameter 12" / 304.8 mm
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
Voice Coil Diameter 4.0" / 101.6 mm
Power Rating 1000 W (A.E.S.)
Peak Power (6dB Crest Factor) 4000 W (A.E.S.)
Sensitivity (1w / 1m) 99 dB
Frequency Range 45 Hz - 4 kHz
Recommended Enclosure Volume 25 - 70 Litres
Voice Coil Winding Depth 0.87" / 22.00 mm
Magnet Gap Depth 11.00 mm / 0.43"
Flux Density 1.25 Tesla
Magnet Material Neodymium
Magnet Weight N/A
Voice Coil Material Copper Clad Aluminium
Former Material Glass Fibre
Dust Dome Material Solid Paper
Suspension Material Poly Cotton / silicone damping
Cone Surround Material Paper / M Roll Poly Cotton