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Bugera 412F-BK

When used as a half- or full-stack, the BUGERA 412F-BK not only perfectly complements our BUGERA all-tube amp heads, but also matches virtually any other amp head. We proudly load this straight-front 4 x 12" cabinet with the same speakers that started a sonic revolution — and yes, they are still lovingly handmade in our very own factory.

The 412F-BK is built solid without any unwanted resonance or vibration. It can operate in either 200-Watt, 16-Ohm mono or 2 x 100-Watt, 8-Ohm stereo. Plus, its recessed handles and built-in rollers make it easy to transport.

Whether you’re completing your BUGERA “dream stack” or adding an extension to your combo, the BUGERA 412F-BK delivers your sound in style!


  • With 200 Watts of explosive power, this vintage tuned cabinet is the perfect complement to all BUGERA valve heads
  • Original 4 x 12'' heavy-duty BUGERA speakers for ultimate guitar tone reproduction
  • Switchable 200-Watt, 16-Ohm mono or 2 x 100-Watt, 8-Ohm stereo mode operation
  • Recessed carrying handles and rollers for easy transportation
  • Extremely low-resonance and low-vibration cabinet
  • Reinforced corners and protective vinyl covering
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life